The ancient Estonian county of Rävala
was the inspiration for this
outstanding vermouth
Apple wine based
The wine is made from local apples
which lend richness and sharpness
to the base liquid
Nordic by nature
Our motto is Festina lente – 'hasten slowly'.
It is a tribute to the Nordic character of our vermouth
22 ingredients
We combine Estonian flowers and herbs such as cornflower and wormwood with exotic spices like anise and coriander

This secret mixture of 22 different ingredients is then infused in the wine to develop vermouth’s unique flavours
Our recipe includes herbs,
roots and barks, indigenous
to the forests and meadows
of this beautiful land
on the Baltic coast

Unlike most brands, we do not fortify with strong alcohol as this would overpower the delicious tastes and tones of this wonderful vermouth.

Enjoy with a lump of ice and a slice of apple as a garnish or in the many variations of classic cocktails that require vermouth as one of the ingredients.
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Discover the allure of Estonia
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